Health and Wellness Innovation at Magnolia Springs Loveland

Through the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic – Magnolia Spring Loveland’s number one priority has been and will always be protecting the well-being, safety and security of residents and staff. This includes implementing advanced technologies, safety protocols and resources that provide the best possible experience both in everyday living situations as well as in uncommon occurrences such as natural disasters or pandemics.

 Deeply Clean.

Magnolia Springs Loveland has implemented new technology with safety in mind. Our state-of-the-art needlepoint bipolar ionization enhances air filtration and improves indoor air quality. Through this technology, particulates, microbes and odors are removed from the air, helping reduce allergy and asthma symptoms as well as enhancing the cleanliness of air within the community.

 Enhanced Enrichment.

Socialization and community activities are vital to ensure psychological health and well-being in seniors. Magnolia Springs Loveland keeps residents connected with key community information and announcements from the comfort of their apartment home, as well as providing enhanced virtual activities where needed, concierge services, new engagement programs and other life-enriching activities.

 Dining Flexibility.

Delectable, healthy cuisine is important, so Magnolia Springs Loveland offers options to meet all circumstances. Residents are able to receive delicious, nutritious meals through in-residence meal delivery where necessary, by offering grab-and-go selections and reservation service, in addition to enjoying social dining when situations allow.  

 Expert Guidance.

Magnolia Springs Loveland is one of the first communities to launch components of EverSafe 360°, the new standard in overall safety for residents and staff, developed by management company Life Care Services™, An LCS® Company. The last year has identified an industry need for connected safety solutions, and LCS has answered the call. Harnessing fifty years of senior living industry leadership, EverSafe 360° is the next evolution in the endless pursuit of elevating the total resident experience. This forward-thinking initiative is backed by a team of experts knowledgeable on designing and optimizing solutions to address common and extraordinary events from all perspectives, including clinical, plant operations, technology, food & beverage, environmental services, and more.

Call us at 513-813-5733 today to learn more about everything we’re doing to keep residents and staff safe.